The best sun protection solutions.

At Toldisol, we offer you tailored solutions for awnings, bioclimatic pergolas, shade sails, parasols and aluminium enclosures crafted to the highest standards of quality.

More than 30 years of excellence

Always adapting to customer needs

At Toldisol, we have more than 30 years of experience in the fabric architecture sector. We’re a leading company that considers each project a challenge. This is why you can count on us to deliver the best quality when installing awnings, bioclimatic pergolas, shade sails, parasols and all kinds of aluminium weather protection.

We work with architecture and engineering firms in designing bespoke solutions tailored to every need and space. Innovation and training are in our DNA, enabling us to go where others can’t.

We’re well aware that our credibility lies in our commitment to our customers, which is why our goal is to always deliver the best solution. Our job isn’t done with the installation but instead when the customer is completely satisfied.

We’re craftsmen.
We design bespoke solutions.

We devote all the time each project needs to deliver a bespoke solution that meets all its criteria. We don’t just offer prefabricated models as they limit our choices.

If there’s something that clearly sets us apart, it’s our ability to tailor and customise our services. We design finishes with a keen eye to the overall look and functionality of each system.

We place equal emphasis on quality. We work with the best materials to the highest standards to ensure our installations stand the test of time.

Our commitment to the environment.

Reducing energy consumption involves improving the energy efficiency of our buildings. And the first step is protecting them from the sun. This is why we customise our systems to tailor them to the behaviour and needs of each façade or roof.

We opt for recyclable or reusable materials, as well as new products such as Green® fabrics, which remove pollutants and purify the air through a reaction called photocatalysis. 

The quality of our materials and the service we provide are aimed at ensuring that our products last as long as possible and stand the test of time.

Our ISO 14001 certification is a clear sign of our commitment to continuous improvement in the environmental management of our processes, such as reducing and properly managing our waste or studying our routes to shrink our carbon footprint.

At Toldisol, we’re also working hard to digitalise all our processes in order to increase efficiency and reduce our consumption of material and energy resources.

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We specialise in tailored solutions for awnings, bioclimatic pergolas, shade sails, parasols and aluminium enclosures crafted to the highest standards of quality for both businesses and private individuals alike.

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