TOLDISOL is well aware that sun protection and fabric architecture are elements that are becoming more important in our cities and highly appreciated by users. They not only protect but also play a crucial role in the aesthetics of buildings and their surroundings.

Commitment to pollution prevention and environmental protection
Continuous identification of new products that are more environmentally friendly in manufacturing processes and product end-of-life management, as well as durable. 

Customer satisfaction
We analyse changes in the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, leading to a constant search for new materials, designs and manufacturing processes for sun protection and fabric architecture solutions. These must always meet the needs and expectations of customers through premium-quality materials and finishes that are environmentally friendly from start to finish.

Continuous improvement
All our staff are cognizant of the importance of what they do in terms of identifying customer needs and meeting their expectations by providing high-quality products and services that respect the environment.

Compliance with legal requirements
Commitment to meet customer, regulatory, stakeholder and all other requirements applicable to its context.

This Policy is the reference framework for setting and reviewing Quality and Environmental objectives and a sign of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance according to the nature and extent of the environmental impacts generated.

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We specialise in tailored solutions for awnings, bioclimatic pergolas, shade sails, parasols and aluminium enclosures crafted to the highest standards of quality for both businesses and private individuals alike.

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